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Public Documents

By clicking the folders below, you can find documents for the following:

Meeting Documents

Here you can view the past agendas and minutes by selecting the folder for the desired year and then month.

Cole Ranch Improvement District No. 1 of Denton County, Texas will hold open Board meetings. In accordance with Texas law, meetings are open to the public. Pursuant to the agreement with the City of Denton, once the District contains 100 residents, the Districts shall begin to broadcast its meetings over the internet, provide access to the broadcast from its website, and make video and audio recordings of its meetings. Until development within the District is initiated, such meetings will be held only sporadically. However, once development begins, meetings will be held on a regular basis. It is currently contemplated that Board of Director meetings will be held at Denton City Hall. Notice of meetings will be posted within the District and on the website 72 hours prior to each meeting. The Board welcomes and encourages public participation and/or attendance.

Financial Documents

Here you can find financial documents.

Cole Ranch Improvement District No. 1 of Denton County, Texas is committed to financial transparency. Below you will find information regarding the District's Audit Reports, Energy Usage Reports, Budget and Financial Information pertaining to Maintenance & Operations, Debt Service, Tax Rates and Revenues.

As the District is recently organized and development has yet to begin, many of these documents are unavailable at this time. However, this page will be updated regularly as additional information becomes available.

Misc. Documents

Here you can find other District publications.

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